Keeping Our Dogs Happy: 5 Home Activities Amidst the Mystery Respiratory Illness

Hey, fellow dog moms!

So, have you heard about this mysterious respiratory illness making the rounds among our furry friends? It's definitely scary, but before we dive into worrying, let's focus on keeping our pups safe and entertained right at home.


Here are 5 fun and safe activities to keep our doggos happy and occupied, minus the risk of exposure to other pups:

1. DIY Treat Puzzle: Create a homemade treat puzzle using cardboard or a muffin tin. Hide some of their favorite treats or kibble in different sections and watch them have a blast discovering their rewards!

2. Indoor Hide-and-Seek: A classic game revamped for indoor fun! Hide behind doors or furniture and call out to your pooch. They'll love the challenge of finding you.

3. Training Time: Brush up on obedience training or teach new tricks! It's mentally stimulating for them and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

4. Homemade Obstacle Course: Get creative with household items to set up a mini obstacle course. Use cushions, chairs, or boxes for them to jump over or weave through.

5. Snuffle Mat Scavenger Hunt: Sprinkle their kibble or some treats onto a snuffle mat or a towel, and let them sniff out the hidden goodies. It's a fantastic way to engage their natural instincts.

Let's shift our focus to making indoor life more exciting for our doggos!

Keeping them entertained and happy is what matters most.

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Stay safe, stay cozy, and keep those tails wagging!

The Blue Feather team

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